A Newfoundland Land Surveyor shall assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the Land Surveying Profession by adhering to the Code of Ethics as outlined below and in the Manual of Practice.

A Newfoundland Land Surveyor shall assist in preventing the unauthorized practice of his profession by:

  • Not signing a Surveyors Real Property Report, Survey Description, Survey Plan, Newfoundland Land Surveyors Report or any other plan of works that was not completed and prepared under his personal supervision and for which the Newfoundland Land Surveyor assumes professional responsibility
  • Not entering into any agreement or partnership that would enable any unauthorized person or corporate body to practice the profession of Land Surveying directly or indirectly;
  • Not knowingly and willingly becoming an accessory to a misdemeanor by failing to report any unauthorized practice to his Council;
  • Prohibiting his non-professional staff from performing activities that may be interpreted by the public as professional in nature;
  • Not establishing branch offices unless these offices are under the direction and management of a resident Newfoundland Land Surveyor.

A Newfoundland Land Surveyor shall assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the Land Surveying Profession, and should assist in improving the Land Surveying system by:

  • Assuming the professional responsibility for all works carried out by his non-professional staff;
  • Not furthering the application for admission to his profession of another person known by the Newfoundland Land Surveyor to be unqualified by nature to his character, education or other attributes;
  • Continually advancing his knowledge and skills by participating in his Association activities and any relevant continuous education programs;
  • Maintaining clear and concise field notes and records, properly certified by the Newfoundland Land Surveyor of all land surveying activities involving the evaluation of evidence, monumentation, measurements and other details;
  • At all times, serving his client or his employer to the best of his knowledge and ability within the guidelines of his professional responsibility as outlined in the Act and By-Laws.

A Newfoundland Land Surveyor shall assist his pupils and employees to achieve there optimum level of contribution to society by;

  • Instructing his pupils in the practical aspects of land surveying to the best of his ability.
  • Assisting his pupil in obtaining instruction in theoretical aspects of land surveying as required.
  • Assuring his employees and pupils of proper working conditions, and equitable remuneration.
  • Instilling into his employees, along with professional technique, a deep regard for the utmost integrity which is the fundamental quality of a Newfoundland Land Surveyor.

A Newfoundland Land Surveyor should perform his professional services, assess and receive fair and just compensation from his client commensurate with the technical complexity, level of responsibility, and liability potential of the services performed by:

  • Not entering into any fee-splitting arrangement with any person other than another Newfoundland Land Surveyor engaged in the same works.
  • Not making any fraudulent or exorbitant charges for his services.
  • Making available to his client, on request, details relevant to the assessment for compensation.
  • Not unfairly or unethically competing with other surveyors for survey work to be done under contract or otherwise.

A Newfoundland Land Surveyor shall avoid even the appearance of professional impropriety by:

  • Disclosing to his client any conflict of interest, affiliation or prior involvement that could impair the quality of his services to the client.
  • Preventing his name being used in a professional way with any persons or enterprises of a dubious or doubtful character.
  • Refraining from criticism of the works or actions of his colleagues in public.
  • Not receiving compensation for the same service from more than one source, except with the knowledge of the involved parties.
  • Ensuring that his client has knowledge of any available appeal procedures with respect to disputes over accounts.

The Newfoundland Land Surveyor shall preserve the confidences of his client and regard as privileged the information the Newfoundland Land Surveyor may obtain regarding the affairs of his client by:

  • Carrying the obligation of confidentiality with respect to the client’s affairs after the completion of the Newfoundland Land Surveyor’s assignment or termination of his employment;
  • Being responsible for the adherence to this Article by his articled students and staff.

The Newfoundland Land Surveyor shall exercise independent professional judgment on behalf of a client, and should represent a client competently by:

  • Not accepting assignments beyond his professional competence without the knowledge of the client, and unless competent consultative support is available.
  • Not endeavoring by contract or otherwise, to limit his individual liability to his client for his malpractice.
  • Not accepting assignments that are beyond his resources to complete in a time satisfactory to his client.

The Newfoundland Land Surveyor shall maintain dignity of the profession through his associations with his clients, colleagues and subordinates by not attempting to injure falsely or maliciously, directly or indirectly, the professional reputation, and business prospects of any other Newfoundland Land Surveyor.

Before a Newfoundland Land Surveyor may stamp and sign a survey plan he must visit the work site to inspect the work procedure and in the office must inspect all calculations and drafting directly.

The Newfoundland Land Surveyor shall not engage in providing Professional Services to the general public without first having a Professional Liability Insurance Plan in place and approved by the Association in accordance with the Lands Surveyors Act, 1991 (section 11(j)).